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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and that’s why finding the right one is of the essence. Diamond Hunter provides you with friendly, professional and unbiased pre-purchase consultation to help you bring your vision to life and discover the right diamond for you. Discover the secrets of diamonds from one of the industry’s experts!

Diamond jewelry is more than an accessory: it’s an investment in your future. Make the right choice with professional third-party pre-purchase consultation with Diamond Hunter.

Diamond Hunter will help you make an informed decision.

In doubt about what type of diamond to hunt for your engagement ring or fine jewelry? Leveraging years of professional expertise in the field and extensive connections, the Diamond Hunter will help you make an informed decision. We conduct extensive offline and online research and offer you a selection of trusted vendors and the best jewelry deals out there.

Learn to appreciate diamonds

There are no two identical stones in the world, and learning to appreciate the differences between diamonds is the single most effective way to enjoy your purchase and make it into a long-term investment. Diamond Hunter’s team of trained professionals will educate you about the attributes of diamonds and the core features of fine jewelry.

Transform the way people purchase jewelry

Buying jewelry can be daunting since it is a pretty big investment. Regardless you are in a hurry a looking for an engagement ring or just want to upgrade your current jewelry or you want to examine the antique jewelry and find out it's true value, Diamond Hunter can help you.

Why hire the Diamond Hunter?

Our Service

  • Diamond purchase consultation

  • Conduct offline and online research for jewelry pricing 

  • Certificate verification 

  • Onsite purchasing coaching

  • Diamond and jewelry education

  • Recommend a trusted jewelry vendor or bench jeweler


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